Pleasure to offer "Sophie la Girafe" Natur'all
Pleasure to offer "Sophie la Girafe" Natur'all
Pleasure to offer "Sophie la Girafe" Natur'all
Pleasure to offer "Sophie la Girafe" Natur'all

Pleasure to offer "Sophie la Girafe" Natur'all

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Sophie, the Giraffe, the chew toy.

The icon intergenerational essential, playful and stimulating baby, made of 100% natural rubber. Ppresented in a gift box designed using materials recycled.

Sophie the giraffe is baby's essential accomplice! She puts in awaken all his senses and tenderly watches over his days and nights. Composed of rubber 100% natural and of paint suitable for food contact, it can be chewed without danger.

  • Its dark and contrasting spots catch the eye baby and stimulate his eyesight.
  • Its whistle allows first of all to stimulate hearing baby and subsequently to understand the cause and effect relationship.
  • Its supple texture, with many chewable parts (ears, horns, paws) is ideal for relieve the gums baby.
  • The to touch is an essential means of communication for baby, he loves the softness and texture of Sophie la girafe.
  • Like mom's skin, it reassures and brings physiological and emotional reactions to baby that soothe him while fpromoting growth and well-being.
  • The sweet and peculiar smell natural rubber allows baby to easily identify it among his other toys.
  • Thanks to its shape and size of 18 cm, its long legs and its neck, Sophie the giraffe is light and perfect for small hands of baby who can seize it from an early age. 

Did you know ?

Your Sophie la girafe is unique ! It has a number and its hand painted tasks may vary from one model to another. Your baby is unique, so is her Sophie the giraffe!
Sold worldwide, it supports the growth of million babies and has been since over 50 years, the undisputed star of toddlers. 

Product Info:

  • Maintenance advice : Clean this toy on the surface with soapy water using a damp cloth.
  • Age : 0 months +
  • Dimensions:

Box: h215 x l140 x p50mm 
Sophie la girafe: h180 x l90 x p50mm 

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