Activity Book for 3-5 year olds - My Kiddy Book
Activity Book for 3-5 year olds - My Kiddy Book
Activity Book for 3-5 year olds - My Kiddy Book
Activity Book for 3-5 year olds - My Kiddy Book
My Kiddy Book

Activity Book for 3-5 year olds - My Kiddy Book

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This fabric activity book supports children aged 3 to 5 in their psychomotor development through creative and manual activities. Each of its pages is designed as an early learning game stimulating the child's fine motor skills, at their own pace, through fun games applying Montessori pedagogy.

On the first page of this educational book are the letters of the French alphabet in 3 dimensions. This playful activity accustoms the child to letters and their forms. He learns on his own to recognize each of the letters on a colored background (yellow, blue, green or red) and to place them in the right place.

The second page of this quiet book is an awakening game working on children's psychomotor skills. This page allows him to open and close a zipper and a press button as well as to attach and unfasten a small clip-on belt. The child is also familiar with the yellow car, which he can play with in the activity on the next page.

On the third page of this awakening book, the child will be able to play in a fun way with a yellow car, driven by a koala, by guiding it manually from point A to point B, on a predefined circuit made up of bridges in form of horseshoes. It is a fun manual activity that contributes to the psychomotor development of the child.

On page 4, children learn to count through a logical activity of matching the number of strawberries on each slice of a pie. Each portion of the strawberry pie contains a number of strawberries ranging from 1 to 6 in a clockwise direction.

To close this fabric book, pages 5 and 6 are fun and linked activities, designed for the development of fine motor skills in children.

On the fifth page, a clothes horse with clothes pegs adapted to children's hands allows them to work on their dexterity while handling small objects. They can hang out the clothes on the clothes horse using the clothes pegs or store them on hangers on page 6. Finally, the child can work on his creativity by dressing two koalas with the clothes he has hung up and chosen. .


  • Scalable: allows the child's development to be followed
  • Rich: various activities and colors to stimulate the child
  • Practical: adapts to beds and prams

Product Info:

  • Dimensions: 19.5 * 21.5cm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Pages: 6
  • Material: silky polyester microfibers, felt accessories and knit fabrics.

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